Sinead Usher

Sinead Usher was appointed Head of Customer Success of Enterprise Registry Solutions Ltd. (ERS) in June 2024. In this role, Sinead leverages data-driven insights and emerging technologies to anticipate customer needs, enhance service delivery, and build stronger and more resilient customer relationships. As part of the ERS leadership team, Sinead is in tune with customer needs for implementing, managing, and delivering services that help drive operational transformation and maximize return on investment.

Sinead is an award-winning, results-focused, highly skilled leader with a successful track record of developing and implementing transformational processes, delivering quality and value to customers. She excels at building and leading high-performing teams dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With broad financial services and technology industry experience in her former roles with organizations like Fenergo, Taxback International, Meridian Global Services and others, she applies new, innovative perspectives to ERS’s delivery of worldwide solutions that optimize business for clients across a broad spectrum of registries.

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