RegSys – The Complete Registry Solution

RegSys is the complete Registry solution. Since its first release in 2002, it has evolved to become the market leader in electronic Registry solutions, providing all the services required by a modern, electronic Registry.

RegSys is the most comprehensive, scalable, flexible, and customisable solution available to Registry operators, anywhere in the world.

RegSys is a multi-component solution, including:

  • A full customer service portal;
  • A stand-alone e-commerce website;
  • A comprehensive back office processing portal; and
  • A bespoke document scanning and management solution.



Multi-register, end-to-end solution

Electronic forms and paper processing

World's best 'Name Search' functionality

Integrated XBRL component utilising iFile (c)

Real-time validation and notifications

RegSys has been designed specifically to cater for the needs of modern electronic Registries. RegSys contains a set of core components that provide the basic functionality required by a Registry.

We understand that the requirements of every registry are different. With this in mind, RegSys has been divided into independent components. This allows us to offer our clients a choice of functionality which can then be configured to meet their requirements. At any point in the future additional functionality can be easily added when required.

RegSys helps accelerate the implementation process and ensures that the delivered solution is fit for purpose. It significantly reduces the risk involved in custom building from the ground up while still providing the client with a proven solution, tailored for their business needs.

RegSys provides confidence to commercial registry operators allowing their staff to allocate more time on proactive enforcement and regulatory activities. Customers of the Registry will find it easier, faster and less costly to comply with regulatory filing requirements.

Full service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Consolidated task-based workflow

Optimal configuration

Embedded finance and document management

Latest technology stack

RegSys has been proven to work in both low and high volume processing environments. Extensive hardware upgrades are not required, which allows for existing infrastructure to be utilised, maximising return on investment.

The RegSys technical platform is robust, scalable and maintainable. The Companies Registration Office in Ireland, for example, has over 800,000 entities, 10 million filings and 16 million scanned documents. Over 400,000 new filings and documents are added each year. Up to 130 Registry operators work with the system on a daily basis in parallel with thousands of customers, filing, searching and retrieving documents through online services.

RegSys can support multiple registers on the same platform.

Processing activities related to each register can be standardised and utilise the same overall modules such as finance, document imaging, and correspondence. This means that users only need minimum system training to carry out processing activities for new registers.

The entity modelling framework easily allows for cross register relationships to be added. This increases the value and quality of the overall data picture in the register. For example: entities from a company register can be linked with an intellectual property or securities register.

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