In this short video, find out how RegSys technology can transform your registry and optimize your customers’ experience.

RegSys Video Overview

Configurable to your needs

RegSys is a commercial multi-registry platform that has been optimized for corporate registries and business service divisions. It contains several integrated components, such as an online filing portal and an internal processing portal.

Powered by a generic data model, and augmented with extensive configuration capabilities, RegSys has been fine-tuned through implementations on 3 continents, for more than 30 different legal registry types.

RegSys has been designed to provide an intuitive, streamlined experience for customers along with the processing and configurability features today’s registry operators require.


User Friendly and Compliant

Registries are used by the public every day of the year, so they need to be intuitive. Every RegSys screen is designed to ensure it’s not only easy to use, but compliant with all current accessibility standards. By making it easier for the user, we also help reduce the volume of customer queries you’ll have to field.

Low Risk

ERS is a registry IT system specialist. Registry software is our only business and we’ve been laser-focused on it for 20+ years. Our implementation methodology, called RegSys Begin, is designed to ensure your project’s success and minimize risk. With our unrivalled expertise in the registry domain, ERS and RegSys deliver a successful registry IT system every time.

Configurable Automation

RegSys is designed to automate file processing and many other registry business processes to increase efficiency, simplify tasks, and reduce costs. At the same time, it provides optimized levels of configurability, empowering you to make changes to your implementation in order to meet the needs of your environment.
Core Features

One-Stop Shop

RegSys provides a one-stop shop for all your registry and government services needs, including corporations, partnerships, trademarks, uniform commercial code, process service and more. RegSys can also be integrated with external systems to provide a single point of contact for public users.


Cyber security is one of the key concerns for modern registry operators as they move from paper-based to fully digital systems. RegSys is continually tested by external security experts to ensure it’s in line with the latest trends in cyber security.

Dynamic Forms

Our implementation teams make it easy to get all your forms designed and published online through our custom toolkit. Changes and edits can be applied in real time. And all forms configured on our toolkit are immediately available through our API.

Data Integrity

As custodians of public information, registries are required to ensure high levels of integrity with the data they store. RegSys provides extensive data management and auditability features that help ensure registries maintain high levels of data quality.
RegSys Customer Portal
The RegSys Customer Portal allows users to take advantage of registry business services to submit filings, search the registry, purchase any document services, and view any open data that’s been made available.

The Customer Portal is compatible with any device and offers a customizable dashboard to suit your preferences.
RegSys Back Office Portal
The RegSys Back Office Portal is a browser-based, internal processing application that allows registry staff to review information received by the registry and process filings. This user-friendly portal is a powerful administrative tool that automates tasks to increase efficiency and decrease processing times, and helps users find data stored in the database quickly and easily.
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