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ERS is a global leader in the advancement and innovation of technology solutions for registry operators.

Our Clients

European Business Registry Association
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Serving Every Need

We deliver worldwide solutions that optimize business for clients across a broad spectrum of registries – intellectual property, securities, charities, and pension programs, to name just a few.

Our proven RegSys software is a readily transferable technology platform that’s configurable, has extensive processing capabilities, and offers an intuitive, streamlined experience for your customers.

Our Technology Solutions

Our technology solutions can help drive your operational transformation. We provide a unique solution that maximizes your return on investment.

A Partner-First Approach

ERS will partner with you to get the best out of RegSys and your registry implementation.

Multi-Register Enabled

RegSys maintains over 30 unique register types worldwide.

Flexible and Configurable

RegSys can be modified to meet your specific business requirements and offers out-of-the-box configurability.

Intuitive User Interfaces

We work hard to make your customer’s work easier with modern designs for today’s users.

Straight-through Processing

You can completely automate the processing of your applications.

An End to End Solution

Eliminate the need for 3rd party systems with our approach.

Evolving Technology

Our R&D team is always analysing the latest developments in technology to keep our clients in the know.

Support for Diverse Applications

We understand the need for paper within Registries. That’s why RegSys fully supports both paper and electronic applications.
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