The fastest way to get your registry up to date is with RegSys.

Our Features

Complete e-Registry Solution

RegSys is a complete electronic registry system that encapsulates all activities of a Registry.

Partner First Approach

We will be your partner throughout. We will help you get the best out of RegSys and your Registry

Multi-Register Enabled

RegSys maintains over 30 unique register types around the world.


RegSys can be modified to meed your business requirements, while also providing significant configurability out of the box.

Intuitive User Interfaces

Modern designs for modern users. We work hard to make your customer's work easy.

Straight-through Processing

With RegSys, you can automate the processing of applications completely.

End to End Solution

You don't need 3rd party systems with RegSys. You have everything you need right away.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are constantly improving RegSys. Our R&D team keep it at the forefront of Registry system design.

Supports Online and Paper

We recognise the need for paper within Registries. RegSys fully supports paper as well as electronic applications.

We're not the only ones excited about our solutions...

ERS has customer engagements across the world